Who we are and why we do this!

Hi, we are Doug and Marianne Hamilton, current administrators of the Wine Club.

The club was originally founded by Phil Loomis in 2010 (as best he can remember :-), as a social get-together group of friends. After 3 1/2 years Phil asked us to step in. As wine lovers and recent transplants to this fabulous area we were looking of avenues to meet new friends and the wine club was right up our alley. We took over the administration of the club in August of 2014. As the club grew to it's current 500+ membership (it was about 125 when we joined), it became harder to find venues and more complicated in terms of handling the finances. In July of 2015 with the membership exploding we decided to move to 501c3 status with the assistance of Ernie Doose at the DiFiore Center. Doug spent 30+ years in the Food & Beverage business and Marianne, a writer by trade, has been involved in the arts community for many, many years. So it just seemed natural to combine our passion for wine with our love of both arts and education to help support this community we have come to love.

Cheers, Doug & Marianne